Essential Health Information Technology Patient first health information solutions for hospitals, clinics and practitioners in the modern, mobile world.

How responsive is your health IT backend solution?

If you serve remote or rural populations, experience loss of power of connectivity, or are vulnerable to natural disaster or cyber attacks … you need technology that works when you need it to.

Is your technology improving patient outcomes?

Implementing health information technology is more than merely purchasing technical capabilities. It is about delivering optimal care at optimal times.

Are you participating in the global health knowledge community?

While medical care has continued to advance, proprietary systems are killing health care by locking knowledge away. It’s time to join the revolution in open health … let us show you how.

Backend as a Service Invest in patient care not aging technology.

How care is delivered can differ from provider to provider, and even from staff on the same clinical teams.  Image sequencing, data collection, tools used, etc … they all inject variation that drive costs up and drive care outcomes down.  It is for this reason that Salutis approaches health technology implementation as a partner and advisor.  Our BaaS solutions are ideally suited for health startups or organizations seeking to quickly implement open source EMR solutions with worry-free backend support.

  • Personalized setup and/or hosting your open source EMR.
  • Training, Support & System Security
  • Record conversion with form and workflow automation.
  • Data analysis and robust reporting.

End-to-End Support

Whether you have a large technology team or none at all, you will benefit from our powerful services and implementation experience.

Customization & Integration

Our Backend as a Service (BaaS) technology is under constant development and based on real-world use cases. It’s built for customization and integration to keep you up to speed with the latest medical advances.

Designed to Advance

Share research, workflows, and insights without the weight of exorbitant software licensing fees. Advance medical care as a global community.

Contact us for more information about specific specialties such as behavioral health, or our international solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Salutis Health

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) or Questions and Answers (Q&A), are listed questions and answers that regularly come up in conversations with new partners. Mobile Health and Health Technology solutions can be complicated. Our goal is to support you, whether you are a developer or practitioner so that you can focus on providing the best possible medical care.

Salutis Health is a mobile backend as a service or mBaaS solution that is optimized to integrate with any open source front end. Whether you have an EMR or are developing open or proprietary mobile health technologies and applications, Salutis Health is an ideal, HIPAA compliant and powerful solution to keep you focused on delivering technology and delivering care.
We are constantly building and improving our products and services based on the feedback of our partners across the global health community. If you are interested in a custom application or in need of a specific integration, connect with our team today.
We have a turnkey EMR solution! While Salutis Health primarily provides full Backend as a Service  BaaS for open source EMR and mHealth applications, we have an exclusive agreement with the powerful DocAlton clinical EMR that was developed and tested with physician practices at Emory. Contact us today for more information on how to get started today.
Our documentation is always a work in progress, and we will continue to release training videos and documentations. For specific questions, be sure to connect with our team today!
Salutis Health provides full BaaS support for your mobile health (mHealth) application. Additionally, we provide a fully hosted EMR solution with low and use-based pricing that enables any practice to launch and scale a powerful EMR solution quickly. Be sure to check back as we are regularly launching our own apps and app templates as well.
Our BaaS services allow you to surface a range of clinical workflows and libraries to both patients and practitioners.  We provide access to two linked but different dictionaries so that practitioners and patients are able to communicate about their health. Our libraries and content services are constantly being updated to ensure that clinical information remains updated with the very best medical care available.
We provide full SDK and API access to our services. For EMR clients, contact us to get integrate your practice with our growing global health practitioner community.
While we provide full customization solutions, we understand that your timeframes or requirements may not always align with our capabilities. To this end, we are constantly screening and developing relationships with technology companies and development teams that can meet you needs across the globe and in multiple languages.

Mobile Health Solutions Turnkey mHealth for the global community

Existing options continue to stifle innovation in mobile health and medical technologies. Our BaaS solutions and turnkey applications feature affordable use-based pricing that fits any organization, from enterprise implementations to small clinics and startup mHealth tech organizations.

Partner with Salutis Health Join us in democratizing access to health information technology

Launch your mHealth solution today Clinical Workflows, Libraries, Diagnostic Recommendations, Patient Records and more.

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